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Akela Eagle Board Chairman: Ray Shufelt   336 882-5222    High Point, NC

Akela District Eagle Board meets the 2nd Monday of each month. 


The project Proposal may be delivered to any Akela Board member or the Council Office. 

Old North State Council Office - 1405 Westover Terrace Greensboro, NC 27408 ( 336 378-9166)
Eastern High Point: Bob Amos, Harriss & Convington Hosiery Mills, 1250 Hickory Chapel Rd. (687-6870)
Northern High Point: Jerry Jarrell, 1009 Flintwood Ct.   (454-2648)
Once the project Proposal is reviewed and approved by the Board, it will be available for the Scout or the Scoutmaster to pick up.  If the project is not approved, a board member will contact the Scout or the Scoutmaster to discuss what action needs to be taken.


Eagle application and project workbook is to be submitted to the Council Office before the first Monday of the month.

After completing the project, having met all leadership requirements and earned all required merit badges and rank he is ready for the final board of review.   He needs to submit the Eagle Application and the Eagle Scout Service Project Report to the Council for their verification. This package should also include two letters of recommendation (NOT FROM SCOUT LEADERS OR FAMILY MEMBERS). Be sure requirement #6 on the application has been completed.

The Council will forward this package to the Eagle Board for the final approval. The Akela Dist. Eagle Board meets the second Monday of each month at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church at 1225 Chestnut Drive, corner of Westchester Drive.   Upon entering the Church campus, take the road on the right of the circle down to the west side of the Church.  Enter at "West Entrance II", first room on the right.

The candidate should appear in full Scout Uniform and be sure to include his merit badge sash to which should be attached all merit badges that he has earned for the rank of Eagle.

After this final board of review, if approved, the application will be submitted to the National Office for final approval.  It usually takes two-three weeks to receive notification from the National Office once the application is submitted.  When the National Office returns the application to the Council Office, the Scoutmaster will be notified and the Scout’s Project book returned. 

The Akela District Eagle Review Board will select one Eagle Scout per year to be honored as the Eagle Scout of the Year at the Akela District Annual Banquet, (time and place TBA).  The candidate shall have completed  his Eagle Board of Review from December of previous year through November of current year.  All applications must be received by the Akela District Eagle Review Board no later than their December meeting.   [Bob Paxton 462-4106 or Jerry Jarrell 454-2648  Click here for application...