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Alamance Eagle Board Chairman: Tom Steele  e-mail:
336 270-4440
1694 Westbrook Ave., Burlington, NC  27216  

The Alamance Eagle Board meets the 2nd Monday of each month.  Eagle applications and project notebooks are due to the Council Office 2 weeks (the last Monday of the month before the review) in advance.


Before starting on a project, it must be approved first by the Troop and then by the Alamance Dist. Eagle Board.  Project notebooks must be submitted to the council office two weeks in advance. 

Once a project is reviewed, it will be returned to the scout's scoutmaster. 


After completing the project, meeting all leadership requirements and earning all required meritbadges and rank you are ready for the final board of review.   The Alamance Dist. Eagle Board meets the second Monday of each month at the First Presbyterian Church on 508 West Davis Street in Burlington beginning at 7 PM.

The Eagle application, project notebook with proper signatures and two letters of recommendation must be submitted to the council office two weeks in advance. 

Appear in full Scout Uniform and be sure to include your merit badges sash which should have attached to it all merit badges that you have earned for the rank of Eagle. The Alamance Eagle Board requires that two committee members from your Troop (not the Scoutmaster or a relative) attend your review.

After your final review, the application will be submitted to the National Office for final approval.  It usually takes two weeks to receive notification from the National Office once the application is submitted.  When the National Office returns the application to the Council Office, the scout will receive notification by mail from the Scout Executive.  The scoutmaster will be contacted to pick up the Eagle Award and notebook from the Council Office.