Internet Advancement 2.0

Internet Advancement has changed to Internet Advancement 2.0

Login through then choose Menu –> Legacy Web Tools

Internet Advancement currently supports:

  • Entering Rank, Adventure, Award, and Merit Badge completions to be recorded.
  • Roster printing
  • Advancement report printing, including an advancement report for Scout Shop use.
  • Regular uploading a file from a 3rd party application for reporting and to obtain a report for the Scout Shop.
  • For more information on Internet Advancement see the guide here.


Login at Scoutbook - Note: All information in Scoutbook will sync to Old North State Council

Get the mobile Scoutbook App Here:
ScoutBook App from Google Play Store ScoutBook App From Apple Store


Scoutbook offers all of what Internet Advancement offers (except the regular upload from a 3rd party application) and adds the following:

  • Tracking of requirements for advancements and awards
  • Messaging
  • Calendaring
  • Many more reports and ad-hoc reporting
  • Service, payment, camping and hiking logs.
  • For more information about Scoutbook see the guide here.

Help with login can be found Here

If you need assistance, please contact the Member Care Contact Center at: 972-580-2489 or email