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Exciting Developments with Adopt-a-School

Adopt-a-School is an exciting BSA approved service project opportunity and tool for membership growth.  It has been utilized by units in every district of the Old North State Council to foster the relationships between our youth and their school or the school of their friends.

An exciting refocus on how Adopt-a-School can support year round membership efforts has led to some simplification and independence on a unit’s part to get involved and make a difference.  The program still concentrates chiefly on the idea of service by encouraging youth to do something for others. 
An updated website is ready for unit leaders to commit to adopting a local school and completing a significant, age appropriate project during the year.  Our Council would like to encourage units to commit to four projects throughout the year if possible to allow us to keep in touch with the school for recruiting purposes.  But, depending on your unit’s size and abilities one project is now the minimum requirement.

Getting started with an adoption has not changed.  A unit leader or a parent can be the initial point of contact agreeing with the school’s principal to the project(s) to be done during a twelve month period.  The Council will provide an agreement form for the unit and the principal to sign.  The unit leader can then visit the Adopt-a-School website and register their unit’s adoption.  Once National records your adoption, redesigned Adopt-a-School patches will be sent to share with the youth.

Locally, the Council would like to receive photographs and stories to share with National and the districts of your successes.  Ideas for service projects can be found on the website as well as a number of frequently asked questions.  New also is the desire for each district to have an Adopt-a-School volunteer, working with the Membership Chair, to help set up adoptions as necessary.  If you have questions or want more information please contact Charles Greer at