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BSA Family Scouting Options beginning in 2018 and 2019

Click here for the letter sent from the BSA national organization - explanation about the options charter organizations have beginning in the Fall, 2018 to offer Cub Scout pack (dens) for: boys only; girls only; or boys and girls together in a family environment.

You can also read about the program options for charter organizations to sponsor units at the 11 to 18 year-old level. These options are: The current Boy Scout Troop model for boys ages 11 to 18; a parallel (separate) girl program for ages 11 to 18; or sponsoring both (separate) programs within the organization.
Girls participating in the 11 to 18 year-old program will follow the same curriculum and pursue the same rank advancements all the way up to Eagle Scout that Boy Scout Troop members pursue.  

Beginning in 2019 (no exact launch date provided yet), the Boy Scouts of America is committed to providing single-gender, parallel, and equivalent programs at the 11 to 18-year-old troop level. This should not be confused with co-educational high adventure Venturing and Career Exploring programs. Venturing and Exploring will remain co-educational for ages 14 to 21-- as they have been for 20-plus years.

It is important to understand that the program options described above for both Cub Scouting and Troop level programs are just that- options. 
One of the stronger components of the Boy Scouts of America is its unique relationship with charter sponsoring organizations. Our charter partners have full ownership (and retain decision-making authority and program option selection) of the Scouting units they sponsor.
Also, it is important to note that current and future Scouting families will have the same options and opportunities to select a unit program and charter partner sponsor that best fits their personal needs. 

Yes, this can be a lot of information to digest at one time. We are here to help.  The Old North State Council, BSA staff is committed and excited to help answer questions and help deliver the Scouting program options that best meet the needs of Scouting families today and for years to come.

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