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Scouting Units and Explore Post Charter Renewal Information

All Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews and Posts are required to re-charter on-line.  On-line re-chartering is the best method to help insure that the information you provide is accurate and current. On-line re-chartering can be done from the convenience of your home or office. It’s secure and easy-to-use.

Fees:  Liability Insurance- $40 ● Membership fee- $33 ($2.75/month) ● Boys’ Life- $12 ($1/month)
Accident Insurance-$1 per person, Lion Partners and Tiger Cub Adult Partners pay $1 for insurance



1. Renewing your unit – For January Units the UCRS will be available December 1, recharters are due to the Council Office by January 15.  For February Units the UCRS will be available January 1, recharters are due to the Council Office by February 15.

To access the Unit Charter Renewal System (UCRS), go to  Or you may log on to:  - Click on the menu icon at the top of the page to access your Legacy Web Tools then select the link for Internet Rechartering.  When logging on, please select “first time user” even though you may have used the UCRS system in the past.  It is reset each year. 

Internet Rechartering allows you to renew your unit's charter online and perform the following actions:  Select members from your existing charter roster,  promote members from another unit,  add new members,  update member information, and print a summary of costs associated with the new charter.
Before beginning Internet Rechartering, collect all member information, including new member forms with the appropriate signatures. To complete the process, you must be connected to a printer to print the final report for signature. 

Be sure all contact information for parents and volunteers is accurate.  We rely on email addresses and mailing address for communications to our parents and volunteers.  Remember, all adults must have completed the NEW Youth Protection Training after February 1, 2018 to be renewed.

Required documents to turn in to the council in order to finalize the renewal process:

  • All pages of the Unit Charter Renewal Report Package (no draft copies please).
  • BSA Adult or Youth applications for everyone listed as “new” on page one of the Charter Renewal Report Package. Adult applications MUST include a signed Disclosure/Authorization form.  
  • Youth Protection Training Certificates for new adults - YPT is available online at
  • If paying by check, please make ONE check payable to Boy Scouts of America and present to the Council office.

Please note:  The new Youth Protection Training (released February 1) is required for all adults.  When registering online, you will get an error message if training is not current and the adult will not be allowed to renew if their YPT has expired. Please confirm that every adult leader has current YPT before turning in the final renewal paperwork.

New member applications:  For additional adult or youth membership applications: Membership Applications.

If you need assistance or you are a new user, you can find help in this guide:

2.  Please turn in 2018 Journey to Excellence Forms with your recharter  Journey to Excellence uses a balanced approach to measure performance. It guides program planning before the year begins, monitors activities for continuous improvement during the year, and recognizes performance at the end of the year.Journey to Excellence forms along with instructions and Guidebooks are available online at:

3.  Recording Community Service Hours through Scouting’s Journey to Excellence program and submitting unit advancement by December 31, 2018 using your Unit ID number. This number is needed to record your Unit’s Community Service Hours and to use with the Internet Advancement Portal.  I strongly encourage you to use both of these valuable tools available to you.  Not only do they prove to be valuable to the unit, but it also helps us out at the Scout Office as well.  THIS MUST BE COMPLETED BY DECEMBER 31, 2018

Go to:  and review the section entitled “Service Projects.”

Click on “Service hours website” and select first time user.  Enter your unit id and four-digit unit number.  Select, New Users Click Here and click I agree at the Confidentiality Statement window. If you disagree, you will not be allowed to enter information into the site.

Use the unit ID number and local unit number for Troop XXXX you received from the council to fill in the three fields on the user profile page. In the second field, select the type of unit you are registering (as noted above).  TIP:  If your unit number has less than four digits, add zeros in front of the number so that you have four digits.

Enter your name, address, city, state, zip code, e-mail address.  Set a user name and password.    Click Register.  The Home page of the data collection site appears.

The only way for local Scouting to track and share best practices from community service projects is through this on-line “Good Turn for America” portal.

To use Internet Advancement – Go to

  • Units will be able to submit ranks and awards for packs, troops, teams, and crews
  • Units will be able to upload records to the online system used by the Council (ScoutNet) from Troopmaster and  Trooptracks.  If your unit is using Scoutbook, advancement records automatically synchronize with Internet Advancement.

As BSA policies for rank entry are enforced, what units enter will meet these requirements:  Units should submit reports monthly, before the end of each month, as needed. Units must submit anything not yet reported before December 31 each year. Internet Advancement accepts advancement upload files from unit-management software. It is required that advancement reports are turned into the Council Office or the Scout Shop. The Scout Shop requires an advancement report to be handed in before purchasing badges and ranks.

If you have any questions – please email Tina Carroll at or call 336-378-9166

Find Journey to Excellence Score Card and Service Project recording website here...

Recharter Here:                                                     Tutorial:
Recharter Unit Online Now                                                 Tutorial Help



How to Renew an Exploring Post:
The information contained in this letter will assist you in completing your unit charter renewal.
To access Explorer Post Online Renewal for your Post go to:  
Other helpful forms (Membership Inventory, Unit Budget Plan, New Youth & Adult Applications, etc.) and additional information may be found at this site and on  Use your Member ID: <Member ID#>

A $33.00 fee plus $1 insurance for each youth and adult is collected and turned in with a $40.00 Post participation fee.

Turn in the following documents to finalize the process:

  1. All pages of the Renewal Report package (no draft copies please)
  2. Explorer Adult or Youth applications for everyone listed as “new” on the Renewal Report package. Adult applications MUST include a signed Disclosure/Authorization form
  3. Youth Protection Training Certificates as required
  4. Annual Memorandum of Understanding
  5. One check -- made payable to Boy Scouts of America


  1. Sign all Adult and Youth applications and the Memorandum of Understanding. Missing/inappropriate signatures will delay processing your charter renewal packet.
  2. Youth protection training must be completed every 2 years.  Please log in to to confirm that every adult has current Youth Protection Training (YPT) before turning in the Renewal Report package. If an adult’s YPT has expired, or will expire in 2018 please have them take the training, YPT is available online at

The Explorer Post Committee will consist of a minimum of:
One Advisor (EA); One Committee Chairman (PCC); Two Members of the Post Committee (PMC)

If you have problems with the online system, please contact Tina Carroll.  Arrangements can be made  to receive a printed recharter roster that you can complete and manually mail or turn in to the Council Office.