Scouting Units and Explore Post Charter Renewal Information

All Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews and Posts are required to re-charter on-line.  On-line re-chartering is the best method to help insure that the information you provide is accurate and current. On-line re-chartering can be done from the convenience of your home or office. It’s secure and easy-to-use.

Fees:  Liability Insurance- $75 ● Youth Membership fee- $66 ($5.50/month) ● Joining Fee- $25 per first-time youth ●Adult Membership fee- $42 ($3.50/month)
● Boys’ Life- $12 ($1/month) ● Accident Insurance-$1 per person

Print Instructions (.pdf) 

Please read the following before clicking on "Recharter Here", located at the bottom of this page...

Getting ready for Unit Rechartering
Key 3 members (unit leader, chartered organization/sponsor  representative and unit committee chairman) of each unit that renews in January and February have been emailed the recharter code specific to their unit and instructions on how to renew their unit(s).  The online rechartering system will be available to January Units on December 1 and February Units on January 1.

How to prepare in advance: Key 3 members, log into and review your unit’s roster and training report. Anyone not appearing on the roster will need to complete an application to turn in before you start the recharter process, or turn it in with your recharter paperwork once it is complete.  Any adult that did not complete Youth Protection Training (YPT) will need to complete the course.  Please review the training report and inform individuals that need to complete YPT to do so before they can be renewed. 

As part of the rechartering process, each unit is asked to complete the Journey to Excellence Scorecard. Scouting's Journey to Excellence is the BSA's planning, performance, and recognition program designed to encourage and reward the success of our units, districts and councils. The program is meant to encourage excellence in providing a quality experience at all levels of the BSA.  To help units achieve the Journey to Excellence Award, there are 3 things that units need to completed by the end of the year (Dec. 31, 2019). 

1. Advancement:  Units must be sure all of their youth advancement is recorded in the Council system (ScoutNet) by utilizing Internet Advancement (preferred method) or submitting advancement (paper records) to the Council office.  Please submit advancement reports before December 15 to allow time for records to be manually entered.
2. Community Service Hours:  The Unit's community service hours that have been performed throughout 2020 need to be recorded into the "service hour website", which can be found on the Journey to Excellence webpage or my.scouting legacy tools.
3.  Training: Be sure all adult volunteer trainings that have been completed online or in a classroom are recorded in each leader's profile. This can be checked by one of the unit's Key 3 members logging into and accessing the training manager.  Contact the Council office if your leader's training is not showing in my.scouting.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to your District Executive, Commissioner or the ONS Council office if you need assistance with rechartering or Journey to Excellence.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to the Unit Charter Renewal System (URCS)
  2. Determine the adult who will be responsible for renewing your internet re-charter. This person will select a password that they will be responsible for using during the internet re-chartering process. This password should not be confused with the Access Code. The password simply allows the user to save work and come back to it at a later date.
  3. Select First-Time User (even if you used internet re-chartering last year) & enter the unit’s recharter code 
  4. Select the unit type & enter the unit #. (include all 4 digits)
  5. Create a password as instructed.
  6. Complete the information requested on each screen. You can stop at any time, log off the system, and begin again where you left off by reentering your access code and password.  Update your member’s address and email address (This is important for communication from the Council Registrar)
    Add New youth and adult members.  Because most all of our units renew during the beginning of the year, transfers need to pay the full registration fee.  At the “Update Fee” Stage of the process, you may select Boy’s Life subscriptions and choose if a member is registering as a “multiple” (paid in another unit).

Here’s how to wrap it up:

7.   When you’ve completed all the information to re-charter the unit, click the Submit button.
8.  Print the Unit Charter Renewal Report Package (unless your file and pay electronically), which includes the charter renewal application and lists of new members, transfers, multiples, and no-fee adults. Acquire the appropriate signatures on the Charter Renewal Report and any youth or adult applications.  An application must be turned in for members transferring to your unit and for any NEW scouts or adults not listed on your current re-charter  All new adults must have their youth protection certificate attached to their adult application.  
9. Take the entire packet along with new applications and payment to the council office or to the district turn-in meeting (unless your filed and paid electroniclly). TURN IN ALL PAGES, EVEN IF PAGE # 1 IS BLANK.  DO NOT TURN IN A DRAFT COPY – DRAFT COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. 
Collect all required fees: $75 Liability Insurance fee, $66 per youth (plus $25 if youth is new) and $42 per adult fee, $12 per youth or adult for Boys Life, and $1 per youth, tiger cub adult partner and adult volunteers for accident insurance. Note that $1 insurance per member is due only at re-charter time.

Helpful Tips:
Online Rechartering will be available for Units that renew in January on December 1 and Units that renew in February on January 1.
Take the entire packet along with new applications and payment to the council office or to the district turn-in meeting. TURN IN ALL PAGES, EVEN IF PAGE # 1 IS BLANK.  DO NOT TURN IN A DRAFT COPY – DRAFT COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. 

In some cases, adults are registered in 2 units (a pack & troop). These adults only need to pay in one position. In the “Update Fees” position of online recharting, towards the end of the process, will give you the opportunity to indicate those adults paid in another position.  Please coordinate with the other unit who is paying for those adults.

Units will have 2 options to file your recharter:

  1.  File the entire recharter electronically and pay online by coordinating with your Executive Officer or Chartered Representative to sign electronically. If you have new Adults, you may not file electronically.
  2. If you are not filing electronically, when you get to that option, click cancel and submit your recharter to Council, print your recharter paperwork, obtain necessary signature and bring or mail your rechart to the council office or give to your Dist. Executive.

If you have any questions – please email Kristina Edmondson at or call 336-378-9166

Find Journey to Excellence Score Card and Service Project recording website here...

Recharter Here:
Recharter Unit Online Now                                       



How to Renew an Exploring Post:
The information contained in this letter will assist you in completing your unit charter renewal.
To access Explorer Post Online Renewal for your Post go to the online renewal page by clicking here.
Other helpful forms (Membership Inventory, Unit Budget Plan, New Youth & Adult Applications, etc.) and additional information may be found at this site and on  Use your Member ID: <Member ID#>

A $42.00 fee plus $1 insurance for each youth and adult is collected and turned in with a $75.00 Post participation fee.

Turn in the following documents to finalize the process:

  1. All pages of the Renewal Report package (no draft copies please)
  2. Explorer Adult or Youth applications for everyone listed as “new” on the Renewal Report package. Adult applications MUST include a signed Disclosure/Authorization form
  3. Youth Protection Training Certificates as required
  4. Annual Memorandum of Understanding
  5. One check -- made payable to Boy Scouts of America


  1. Sign all Adult and Youth applications and the Memorandum of Understanding. Missing/inappropriate signatures will delay processing your charter renewal packet.
  2. Youth protection training must be completed every 2 years.  Please log in to to confirm that every adult has current Youth Protection Training (YPT) before turning in the Renewal Report package. If an adult’s YPT has expired, or will expire in 2020 please have them take the training, YPT is available online at

Journey to Excellence Forms (JTE) forms are available at the link below. Forms can be printed and used to assist in the completion of your unit’s renewal.

The Explorer Post Committee will consist of a minimum of:
One Advisor (EA); One Committee Chairman (PCC); Two Members of the Post Committee (PMC)