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To log into the Popcorn Sales System or to order popcorn online go to: 

Important Dates:

9/8               All Show & Sell Orders Submitted into Popcorn System  
9/22             Show & Sell Product Pick-Up (pickup location in Greensboro)
9/23             Sale Kickoff Date
10/31           Show & Sell Product Return/Settlement
11/3             Take Orders due
11/13           All Prize Orders submitted
11/17           Take Order Product Pickup (Person Co. 11/15 and Randolph Co. 11/18)
12/8             Final Invoices Cleared

Locations of popcorn pickups for each district:

11/17 from 9am—5pm @ Packaging Center (212 Pendleton St, High Point, NC)

11/17 from 8am—1pm @ Holt Hosiery Mills, Inc. (2727 Tuck Street Extension, Burlington, NC)

Rockingham & Caswell County
11/17 from 8am—1pm @ Reidsville Commercial Warehouse (639 S Scales St, Reidsville, NC)
Person County
11/15 from 4pm-6pm @ Beulah Baptist Association Warehouse (230 S Morgan St, Roxboro, NC)

11/17 from 8am—1pm @ Thompson Traders 2024 E. Market St. Greensboro, NC 27401

Davie & Davidson Counties
11/17 from 8am—12:30pm @ Swing Transport (1405 N Salisbury Ave, Salisbury, NC)
Randolph County
11/18 from 8:30am—10:30am @ Randolph United Way (363 S. Cox St, Asheboro, NC)

When you pick up your product at the warehouse, you will be given a triplicate of the Packing Slip where you will sign to confirm you received the product and keep one of the copies.  You will also receive a copy of your final invoice to be paid by December 9th.


Kernels Blast Vol. 1 

Kernels Blast Vol.2

Kernels Blast Vol. 3

Kernels Blast Vol. 4

Kernels Blast Vol. 5

Kernels Blast Vol. 6


Unit Calculation Sheet

Military Bonus Patch Form

Star Wars Prize Selection Form

Trails End College Scholarship Enrollment Form

Popcorn Take Order Form

Popcorn Product Mix

Prize Information:

Prize Flier/Order Form 2017

Trails End Scholarship Information

2017 Scout Incentives: $650 Sales Goal

Sales Set-up/ Information:

Getting ready to Sale:

How to create a Trails End Online Account

How to run a Successful Storefront Sale

Online Selling Information Handout

2017 Online Product Mix

Contact Matt Lanouette at to receive your unit's log in information for the popcorn system.

Unit Resources:

Unit Calculation Sheet

2017 Council Popcorn Kick-off Power Point

Unit Kickoff Checklist

Kickoff Best Practices

Unit Popcorn Chair Job Description

Scout Sale Planning Worksheet

2017-2018 Program Planner Budget

Unit Incentive Handout

Parent Resources:

2017 Parent Handout Form

Scout Sale Planning Worksheet

How to create a Scout Webpage