return of the kernal

Congratulations on the completion of another year of the Trail’s End Popcorn Sale. $189,000 was raised council-wide in Unit Commissions that you will be able to use to deliver your Unit’s ideal year of Scouting! Thank you for your efforts to ensure that there are enough funds for the Scouts to receive a quality Scouting Program.

Uwharrie District saw the largest growth in sales with a total of $108,347 which is a 35% increase over last year! Congratulations to District Kernel Ryan Osborne for your leadership on this.

Congratulations to these Top Three
Selling Units in the Old North State Council
Pack 4065Alamance$40,796
Pack 3103Guilford$30,679
Pack 3574Uwharrie$25,411
A special congratulations goes out to these
Top Three Selling Scouts in the Old North State Council
Caleb Bullins$7,578.33UwharriePack 509
Jackson Hyde$6,040.00GuilfordPack 103
Alex Sharpe$5,266.28GuilfordTroop 107
Congratulations to these Top Selling Scouts in each District
Evan Campbell$2,688.43AkelaPack 16
Robby Wagner$3,631.00AlamancePack 65
Christopher Payne$3,790.00CherokeePack 239
Jackson Hyde$6,040.00GuilfordPack 103
Caleb Bullins$7,578.33UwharriePack 509

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